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Frequently Asked Questions
Are birthday parties allowed in the cafeteria during meal times?

If the school allows birthday parties and the cafeteria provides the snack for the party. No competitive foods, FMNV or candy type items are allowed.

What foods are authorized to be served to elementary students during classroom birthday parties?

THE TPSNP states, Foods otherwise restricted by the policy are permitted in classroom student birthday parties. Although, TDA recommends that parties be held after the last lunch period so the party does not spoil the student’s appetite for a nutritious meal.

Do the TPSNP provisions concerning fat content; sugar content and portion size under the Nutrition Standards apply to foods provided to children by the teacher or parent?

Yes, During TAKS test days, the additional snack per day for the students taking the TAKS test must comply with the portion and nutrient guidelines chart of the TPSNP, and may not contain any FMNV or consist of candy, chips or dessert type items.

May middle schools allow access to FMNV anytime before the end of the last lunch period?

No. As of the revised TPSNP effective August 1, 2007, middle schools may not allow access to FMNV at anytime or anywhere on school premises until after the end of the last scheduled class bell.

Must a high school limit sugared, carbonated soft drinks in high school vending machines to 30 per cent per machine or 30 percent across the campus?

Yes, The calculation is to be made by service point (Vending Machine).