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Teachers/ Staff Develpoment
7:45 am to 3:30 pm



Middle School

Shorthorn Leap (Orientation)

7th Grade: Monday, Aug 18, 2014 from 5pm to 7 pm
8th Grade: Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014 from 5pm to 7 pm

Parents and students are encouraged to attend.  A packet of paperwork will be received upon arrival.  Once the completed paperwork is returned, students will receive their class schedule.  Parents and students will then be allowed to visit teachers.  Teachers will pass out the supply list and syllabus.

Students will need to be in school dress code to take yearbook/ID/school pictures.  If you are in Athletics, you need to bring $5.00 (cash) to purchase an Athletic Badge.


Parent Pointer Calendar

Parents Make Difference Newsletter (spanish)

Parents Make Difference Newsletter


Welcome to Hamshire-Fannett Middle School where we do our very best serving your child... and making a lasting, positive difference in his or her life! We hope this site is a beneficial resource for you and your family. As a school family, we are committed to maintaining a safe and disciplined campus, using data to guide our decision making, implementing proven research-based strategies, and building positive relationships with ALL students.


 I am privileged to lead an outstanding staff that works hard to ensure your child is successful. The Hamshire-Fannett Middle School staff goal is to help students reach their full potential as individuals and become happy, competent, and productive members of society. In order to do this, Hamshire-Fannett Middle School provides a broad spectrum of educational opportunities designed to meet various student needs. We know that parents are our students’ first teachers and research shows direct parental involvement positively impacts student success. We sincerely believe that educating students is a team effort... and together, we can make a positive difference in your child's life.


Again, thank you for your support of Hamshire-Fannett Middle School. I am excited about the upcoming year! Please contact me if I can be of assistance in any way.





Shawn Clubb, Principal

Hamshire-Fannett Middle School



A Note To All Visitors:

All visitors must check in the office upon arrival at the middle campus.  The visitor's badge needs to be visible at all times.  Safety for our students, staff, and visitors is the goal of Hamshire-Fannett Middle School.


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