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Welcome to Hamshire-Fannett Middle School:

You are now a SHORTHORN!  Take pride in being a Shorthorn and become part of the great tradition of Hamshire-Fannett.  Our school  provides the opportunity for you to gain an education that will propel you to success in high school and later in college.  We challenge and encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity by always putting academics first and working hard for success.  

There are many activities to be a part of at Middle School; they will enrich your school experience.  Be open to new learning and building new relationships.  Your teachers are an excellent source of information and learning.  Trust in their experience and knowledge to guide you.  Enjoy your time as a Shorthorn participating in as many activities as possible.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Follow the golden rule in all of your conduct and relationships.  This will ensure a smooth, drama free year for you.

Administration wants to maintain an open and compassionate relationship with you.  Please come and speak with Mr. Clubb or Ms. Kattner whenever you need something.  We are excited to get to know you and your unique personalities.

We are Shorthorn Proud!

Mr. Clubb

Ms. Kattner

HFMS Boys Track Schedule

HFMS Girls Track Schedule


Everyone enjoyed the visit from Harlem Globetrotter, El Gato!!

  2016-2017 Shorthorn Supply List


A Note To All Visitors:

All visitors must check in the office upon arrival at the middle campus.  The visitor's badge needs to be visible at all times.  Safety for our students, staff, and visitors is the goal of Hamshire-Fannett Middle School.


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