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8th Grade Math & Algebra Overview

8th Grade Math\PreAP Algebra I

Mrs. Day


I look forward to working with your child and enjoying a successful year in math.  I hope to provide your child the opportunity to learn math through discovery, explanation, understanding, practice, involvement, and application.  

Class Objectives:

-Mathematical process standards             

-Numerical Representations and Relationships          

-Computations and Algebraic Relationships          

-Geometry and Measurement                  

-Data Analysis and Personal Financial Literacy          


Math Supplies Needed:                                               General/Daily Supplies:‚Äč

Spiral, any size                                                                        Pencils (NO pens for math work)

1” Binder (at least), with clear plastic cover                             Red pens        

Green, braded pocket folder (paper NOT plastic!)                  Highlighters

Dividers-5                                                                                Map pencils (3-4 will suffice)

Graph paper                                                                            Glue stick

AAA batteries (minimum of 4)                                                 Notebook paper

Earbuds                                                                                  Pencil bag (suggested)

*Project supplies will be needed when assigned.


Grading Policy:

50% Daily Grades (homework, class work, quizzes, etc.)

50% Major Grades (tests, projects, etc.)

Progress can be checked from your child’s notebook and through Family Access (Skyward) online.

*All assignments must be in pencil and work must be shown!


Classroom Expectations:

  1. Listen to and follow directions.

  2. Be prepared for class.

  3. Respect others and all property.

  4. Be on time and wait to be dismissed.

  5. No put-downs.

  6. Follow all school handbook rules.

  7. Have a good attitude and enjoy learning.

Note:  Conduct grade will be determined in accordance with the above rules.  If cheating occurs, a student can receive a grade of zero and/or a conduct grade of Unsatisfactory.


It is the responsibility of the student to obtain and complete all missed assignments within the designated amount of time. (refer to Student Handbook)

Assignment Calendar:

Weekly and monthly assignments and due dates can be found in your student’s online Google calendar.


Contact Info:  794-1502 ext. 2208;

Conference period: 9:33-10:18

Social Media:; @alldaymathclass