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Fashion Design




Fashion Design is a part of the Arts, A/V, Technololgy and Communication Career Cluster.

This course will enable students to explore aspects of the textile and apparel industries,

with an understanding of fashion and how it impacts our society.


Students will participate in:


professional communication/organize oral and written presentations

problem solving and employ critical thinking

using personal information management

personal workplace safety rules

utilize leadership, teamwork and mentoring skills

practice ethical conduct

create a career portfolio

basic sewing and design skills

operating sewing machine

analyze fiber and textile characteristics

sewing projects with recycle and redesign

participate in FCCLA* project activities



~Click here to download the Texas TEKS (course objectives)~



~Click here to download the current course syllabus~




*FCCLA (Family Career Community Leaders of America) is a

TEA (Texas Education Agency)

endorsed co-curricular

CTSO (Career Technical Student Organization)

that provides project based learning opportunities

and leadership training for it's members.


More information can be obtained from:




National FCCLA



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