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Chromebook/Study Hall



  1. Follow all rules as mandated in the student handbook.

  2. Follow all Chromebook rules and policies (see agreement/terms for I CARE statement).

  3. Be seated in your desk, and ready to work when the bell rings, or you are considered tardy.

  4. Always bring your chromebooks, and supplies to class.  Bring your AR book every day.

  5. There will be assigned seats in this class.  

  6. No student will be allowed to go to another class or to the library .

  7. There will be no group work or studying together, unless the teacher gives special permission.

  8. This is a graded course.  You will have some chromebook assignments for a grade in this class.  You will also have study hall time to work on homework/chromebook assignments.  Use your time wisely!!!

  9. Please leave your table clean/neat for the next class.

     10. Computer time is quiet time - no talking unless permission is granted.

     11. Take care of personal business (restroom, locker, water, etc) BEFORE class.  

     12. Do not leave the classroom until dismissed by the teacher.