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Second Grade Guidelines


Second Grade Guidelines  


We have a collection of the following resources to pull from for reading:

*Rooted in Reading by Amy Lemons

*Saxon Phonics

*LIT Kit by Reagan Tunstall

*Rigby Readers


Reading Awards

Reading awards are given at the end of the year. A student must have 50 points or more to receive an AR shirt for meeting their goal.


A list of spelling words are assigned weekly. Many activities are done throughout the week to help prepare for the test that is given.

Universal Screeners and Assessments

Math and reading levels will be determined by using several assessments.  We track the levels throughout the year to ensure growth for each student.  We use:

*Reading Eggs

*Istation Reading and Math

*STAR Reading and Math

*Curriculum Based Assessments


We have a collection of the following resources to pull from for math:

*Texas Tornado by Erica Hennigh

*Guided Math by Reagan Tunstall

*Xtra Math

*Teacher made products

*Basic math facts of addition and subtraction should be memorized.


Vocabulary and spelling words will be sent home weekly.  Parents are responsible for helping their child practice throughout the week and making sure their child is prepared for the weekly tests.  Students will be required to read for 20 minutes every night.  Extra practice may be sent home if the teacher feels it could benefit the student in an area of weakness.

Make up work

Students who are absent have the same number of days to make up the work. (For example, if absent two days, the student has two days to make up the work.) This work is done at school if possible.