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Second Grade Conduct Rules


Second Grade Conduct Rules

Class Rules:

1. We will work quietly.

2. We will listen carefully.

3. We will show respect to others.

4. We will be neat at all times.


School Rules:

1. We will walk in the halls.

2. We will behave in the restroom and in the halls.

3. We will be quiet in the restroom and in the halls.

4. We will use the water fountain correctly.


Recess Rules:

1. Follow all rules on using the equipment correctly.

2. Take a restroom and water break before going to the playground.

3. Line up promptly by class. Get quiet when the whistle is blown to go in.

4. Students may bring a toy for play at recess after the toy note goes home and is signed and returned.



We use the Longhorn Pride Conduct System for the Elementary Campus.  If a student breaks a rule, they lose dojo points and must follow the classroom teacher’s consequences.  Conduct grades will be given based on the conduct chart shown below.


Longhorn Pride Conduct

Green- Good

Yellow- Lost dojo points once/Moved clip

Orange- Lost dojo points twice/Moved clip twice

Red- Lost dojo point three times/Moved clip 3x

Blue- Lost dojo points four times (Office referral)/Moved clip 4x


Conduct Grade:

E     0 misconduct days

S    1-5 misconduct days

N    6-9  misconduct days

U    10+ misconduct days