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Second Grade Grading Policy


Second Grade Grading Policy


Students receive numerical grades in 5 subjects:

Reading, Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.


Class work is graded at the discretion of the teacher using the following criteria:

    A. Consideration is given to modifications specified Special Education and 504.

    B. Types and length of the assignment

    C. Extra projects.


Grades are taken from the following:

    A. Daily assignments

    B. Unit tests

    C. End of book tests

    D. Teacher made worksheets or tests

    E. Oral tests

    F. Class participation

    G. Written assignments


Assignments that are redone will have an average taken (up to a 70).


All assignments that are to be redone or made up for a grade are to be completed at school during study hall time only.


Students cheating will be given a zero, and the paper will be discarded.