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HFI Students and Families,

In accordance to our Hamshire-Fannett Intermediate School Student Handbook, our students are not permitted to possess or use personal electronic devices such as MP3 players, video or audio recorders, DVD players, cameras, games, e-readers, smart watches, wireless earbuds or other electronic devices at school, unless prior permission has been obtained. 

Without such permission, teachers will collect the items and turn them in to the principal’s office. The principal will determine whether to return items to students at the end of the day or to contact parents to pick up the items.

As a campus, this policy was discussed with our students. Please discuss it at home as well. 

Thank you for your continued support at home. 

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CLICK to view the  HFI Portable City Traffic Flow Map

The doors open at 7:25 am and school releases at 3:25 pm.  The tardy bell rings at 7:45 am and the day officially begins at 7:50 am. 


Alisa Spoonemore, Director of Transportation 

11341 Dugat Rd.

Beaumont, TX 77705

(409) 234 – 6077


Student Learning @HFI 

Hamshire-Fannett ISD is extremely proud to be a 1 to 1 district (one technology device for one student on every campus) as well as a Google Reference District. With devices in the hands of each student, classrooms are more learner-centered focusing on the individual needs of students. The following icon is a link to a district video that helps to explain some of the ways that technology is being used at Hamshire-Fannett:

    Click Chromebook



The district has approved a $20 device fee to act as “insurance” for students against accidental damage.  This fee protects students financially from excessive costs by accidental damage.  For complete information, please utilize the icon below: 


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**For the $20.00 Technology Fee, please bring the correct money (no change can be given), or a check made payable to HFISD**

Image result for hang up before you pick up No cell phone use on Dugat Road in the school zone. All student drop-off and pick-up areas are considered a school zone as well. For the safety and welfare of all of our students, please obey the law.  Thank you. Related image
Image result for tobacco free No tobacco is allowed on school property. All student drop-off and pick-up areas are school property and are considered smoke-free zones.  Thank you. Image result for no smoking in pick up line sign



Intermediate School Calendar

Intermediate School

Contact Information

Hamshire-Fannett Intermediate School
11407 Dugat Road
Beaumont, Texas 77705

Phone: 409-794-1558
Fax: 409-794-1787


Important Information

*Please remember that proper attendance plays a vital role in your child's education...attendance is counted each class period.  Excused notes must be turned into the office within 5 days of the absence.

*The school day is from 7:45-3:25 daily.

*Please make transportation changes prior to 3:00 pm to ensure that your child gets the message.

*I.D. Badges must be worn all day to school and present before the end of 1st period to not be charged.  New badges are $3 and temporary badges are $1.


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