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About the Teacher

     Hello! My name is Anna Williams. Before I get into the "academic" facts about my life, let me tell you a little bit about me in general. I am a middle child (older sister and younger brother), and all three of us are Aggies. (Whoop!!) My mom (Brenda Williams) is also a 3rd grade teacher at H-F, and I actually began teaching full-time when her teaching partner retired mid-year. Consequently, and coincidentally, we are now teaching partners...and we love it! We work very well together and both have a heart for what we do. I teach my students reading/language and science, and she teaches them math. This year, we have an odd number of teachers in the afternoon rotations, so Mrs. Racca will be joining my mom and I in switching students, and we are excited to have her! (She will teach my class social studies.) 

     I am a graduate of Hamshire-Fannett I.S.D. and enjoy teaching in my hometown community. I have earned my teaching credentials from Texas A&M University, including a B.S in Interdisciplinary Studies (Pre-K-6th grade education) and a M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction.

     I started teaching 3rd grade in 2012. Each new year is exciting! I am sincerely looking forward to working with every single one of my students. I believe they were placed in my classroom for a reason, and I will do my very best to reach each of their needs so that they can strive toward their greatest potential!

     I want to develop a relationship with all my students and their parents, as well. Third grade is what I call a "step-up" year for kids, and I greatly appreciate family involvement. I desire open communication in my classroom and with parents, so please feel free to contact me or my mom about anything!! (Our homepages have our emails, home phone, and conference times.)

Looking forward to a GREAT YEAR!

Anna Williams

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