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About Brenda Williams


Hello! Let me tell you a little about myself. First of all, my family: My husband is Phillip, and I have 3 children who have all graduated from Hamshire-Fannett High School. All three have also graduated from Texas A & M University. As you probably know, my daughter, Anna Romine, is your child's reading and social studies teacher. I will be teaching math and science and language. We work effectively as teaching partners.

I am passionate about teaching.  I enjoy coming to school each day and working hard to educate a class full of curious, energetic students. I have high expectations for all students and do my best to have each child reach his or her potential.  A mixture of fun, interactive, higher-thinking activities and hard work help us accomlish this. I want every student to be successful and if your child is having a difficult time with a certain skill, I will do my best to give him/her some extra help and reteaching time.  

I am looking forward to teaching your child. Every child is gifted in different ways.  I do my best to identify each child's gifts and help them use them in  postive ways.  I want each child to know that he/she has the potential to accomplish great things in life!

I am very approachable and am always willing to talk with parents about their concerns.  My home number is 796-2117, my cell phone number is 790-5988, and the school number is 794-1412. My email address is   Please feel free to contact me when you need to speak with me about your child.

Brenda Williams

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