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Human Services


The Human Services course is a part

of the Human Services Career Cluster.

It is a laboratory course for students to investigate careers

in counseling and mental health,

early childhood development, family & community,

and personal care services.

Students are encouraged to participte

in extended learning experience

offered through an approved CTSO

(Career and Technical Students Organization)

such as FCCLA.*



Students will:

learn decision making skills

create short-term and long term goals

manage time and energy

review grooming and appearance expections

review affect of wellness to the workforce

enhance skills in consumer services

study the life cycle

identify basic needs of children

participate in family and community service through FCCLA*

analyze multiple roles with the family

basic cooking and hand-sewing labs





~Click here to download Texas TEKS (curriculum objectives)~




~Click here to download our Course Syllabus~





*FCCLA (Family Career Community Leaders of America) is a

TEA (Texas Education Agency)

endorsed co-curricular

CTSO (Career Technical Student Organization)

that provides project based learning opportunities

and leadership training for it's members.


More information can be obtained from:




National FCCLA



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