•  Hamshire-Fannett ISD Health Services

    Hamshire-Fannett Elementary        Amy Pelt, RN, BSN         (409) 794-1412

    Hamshire-Fannett Intermediate        Chelsea Schofield, LVN         (409) 794-1558

    Hamshire-Fannett Middle School                                                        (409) 794-1502

    Hamshire-Fannett High School        Stacey Davidson, Nurse Extender        (409) 243-2510

    Hamshire-Fannett Nurse Coordinator        Jackie Martinez, RN, BSN         (409) 243-2131


    HFISD Health Services Mission Statement


    The nurse/nurse extenders of Hamshire Fannett Independent School District believe that our student’s health status has a direct impact on the ability for one to learn and meet educational goals. The school nurse is committed to lifelong learning. School nursing supports student success by providing health care through assessment, intervention, and follow-up for all children and staff within the school setting. 

    We believe that parents/guardians are primarily responsible for the care of their children. The obligations of the school health services are health appraisal of the child; informing and interpreting the results to the parents/guardians; encouraging, motivating, and supporting their efforts to follow through on the recommendations of the educational and health teams to the end that each child may perform at his highest potential.

    The success of our health services program will result in fewer student absences, improved quality of life, and improved health status, which can be measured by academic success.


    The profession of nursing along with other areas of the health profession share the following goals:

    Promoting health for individual families and communities

    Care, comfort and coordination of services to those clients experiencing acute, chronic or terminal illnesses

    Collaboration with other members of the healthcare team or those concerned with the promotion of health.

    Serving as a client/patient advocate


    School nurse/nurse extenders must be educationally trained and have personal qualifications to assume direct care and a responsible professional role in securing quality health care for the school-age children through collaboration with other health care providers, educators, and community resources.

    Hamshire Fannett I.S.D. Health Services strive to provide learning experiences that will enable children to make intelligent decisions about personal, family, and community health. It is our goal to keep our students, staff, and community healthy and encourage a healthy learning environment!


    Health Office Forms

    Permission Form For Medication At School

    Asthma Action Care Plan  

    Asthma Action Care Plan (Spanish)

    Food Allergy Action Care Plan 

    Seizure Action Care Plan

    Health Care Action Plan



    Required Immunizations- English/Spanish

    Immunization Exemption 



    Communicable Disease Chart

    Bacterial Meningitis Resources



    Food Allergies in Schools