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Fall 2020 Back to School Parent Letter

Face Covering Policy

HF Longhorn

Welcome to Hamshire-Fannett Middle School:

                       Vision Statement

The faculty and staff at Hamshire-Fannett Middle School are focused on preparing students for college and careers.  We aim to inspire and empower students to excel academically, socially, and emotionally while preparing them to be productive citizens and future leaders.  H.F.M.S. strives to profide a nurturing and safe environment that fosters a rigorous academic curriculum while integrating technology to prepare students to become lifelong learners.

Mission Statement

We at Hamshire-Fannett Middle School, believe that all students can achieve.  We are dedicated to providing an academic environment that will ensure student sucess. With that belief we will provide:

  • A safe and orderly campus for all students
  • Curricula that aligns with the Texas State Standards
  • Daily instruction meeting individual student needs
  • Programs and activities that enhance academic achievement, as well as each student’s social and emotional growth

Core Values

  • Safe, Secure Environment
  • Academics
  • Social, Emotional, and Physical Health
  • Productive Citizen
  • 21st Century Learners

You are now a SHORTHORN!  Take pride in being a Shorthorn and become part of the great tradition of Hamshire-Fannett.  Our school provides the opportunity for you to gain an education that will propel you to success in high school and later in college.  We challenge and encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity by always putting academics first and working hard for success.  

There are many activities to be a part of at Middle School; they will enrich your school experience.  Be open to new learning and building new relationships.  Your teachers are an excellent source of information and learning.  Trust in their experience and knowledge to guide you.  Enjoy your time as a Shorthorn participating in as many activities as possible.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Follow the golden rule in all of your conduct and relationships.  This will ensure a smooth, drama free year for you.

The administration wants to maintain an open and compassionate relationship with you.  Please come and speak with Dr. Jackson or Mrs. Carter whenever you need something.  We are excited to get to know you and your unique personalities.

We are Shorthorn Proud!

Dr. Cynthia Jackson

Mrs. Janna Carter

Honors/PreAP Summer Assignments

Virtual Spring Band Concert:

Beginner Band Concert
MS Concert Band and Wind Ensemble
HS Wind Ensemble

Yearbooks are on sale NOW!

Pre-Order your MS yearbook by clicking here.

$45 Now – Jan 1, 2021

$50 Jan 2 – Mar 12, 2021

$55 Mar 13 – May 25, 2021

School Supply List 20-21

HFMS REMIND- updated 9/1/2020
Send text to: 81010

6th grade Message: @6thgrhf
7th grade Message: @hfms6

8th ​grade Message: @7thgrhf

Bus Lineup

A Note To All Visitors:

All visitors must check in to the office with proper ID upon arrival.  The visitor's badge needs to be visible at all times.  Safety for our students, staff, and visitors is the goal of Hamshire-Fannett Middle School.


Alisa Spoonemore, Director of Transportation 

11341 Dugat Rd.

Beaumont, TX 77705

(409) 234-6077

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